Friday, 23 July 2010

Flashback (2)

In March I was still living in my own flat, but was spending most of my evenings and nights at His home, and of course the week-ends were for Him.

He was pleased of how I was learning fast. As an example, there is a story of my early training, when He was getting me used to being a public slut.

28 March
This weekend He took me to the seaside renting a small beachhouse in a posh holiday resort north of France, quiet place at that time of the year and lovely scenery. Weather was great and unexpectledly warm. The weekday’s morning protocol is off at weekends and we planned to go out for a walk after breakfast. Changing the way, He started the morning by ordering me to give some color to His breakfast and to play the filthy little slut. Thus, while He was having His morning coffee I was lying naked on the bed, spreading my cunt open in front of Him and masturbating. Then He made me stuff a thong in my wet cunt (“to make it ready to wear later on”), finger my ass, lick my finger, etc. That game made Him horny and He came along with His cock hard and ready, I knew that it was my turn to get a breakfast. Later on after He had splooged my mouth while pinching my tits hard, and I had swallowed His sticky cum, He said we go. I was permitted no stockings (beach!), but ordered to go commando wearing a new pink short skirt box pleat and see-through fishnet top with peep-toe flats shoes. We had a wonderful walk on the beach and in the dunes. I’ve told previously that He thinks I must be frequently humiliated in order to keeping my position as a sub high in my mind. This morning when we crossed the way of other walkers, He told to some of them “Do you want to see my wife’s ass?” (I was thrilled to be called “His wife”). When they were stopping and staring with a laugh, He would order me to bent over and lift my skirt and spread my buttcheeks.

Once we crossed two single men and after the same game, He told them they were welcome to carry an inspection. I felt like Master was abandoning me but I knew insubordinate behavior is never tolerated so I spread my legs wide... I felt the hands of those guys on my body, palpating my breasts, rest in between my thighs, their fingers moving down my ass and feeling my clit. After a few minutes of that and both my holes stretched by their searching fingers my pussy was getting wet.... The two guys got overexcited and asked Master if they could fuck me, I was half relieved because He said no. Half relieved as I was now moist and horny, not daring to say a word but begging in my mind that Master would do me. Happily the session had turned him on too and not minding where we were He slid His big cock in my wet cunt. The guys were not far and watching us while Master was pounding me from behind. Soon He cum and me with Him, and when it was finished He just gave the signal that we go without letting me wipe myself (usually I take the leaking cum with my hand and put it in my mouth). While we were walking back to the villa I was feeling His cum leaking out of my vagina, running along my bare thighs. Considering I had been a good docile slut, Master allowed me a shower when we reached back. He is so understanding, I just love Him

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