Saturday, 17 July 2010

How my new life went on

During and after that benchmark January weekend, He made me slowly forget my new experience of love with a girl, though I was not regretting at all. Later on, in fact, I confessed that affair when learning progressively to tell Him everything and to giving up the very idea of having a private life. I was not sure on how He would take it, but it went easily and I even felt He was pleased. Now with the benefit of hindsight I understand He was pleased to see how versatile I was in terms of sex, and He was finding there one of many leads confirming He was in good territory to educate me in accordance with what He wanted I grow to be.

My training was getting started, but I was not fully aware of it. He was so good in turning me on and transforming me into His hottie, a hot whore, a boner inducing female. He wanted me always erotically and arousingly attractive, and not only for Him but for all the males around. I remember He told me once “Do follow this important rule: your demeanour and attire must make the blood leaves the men's brain and go to their cock.” My first rule. I had to overstep my natural bounds because if I have always loved sex games, always been far giving myself away to men so happy to have a slut in their bed and in turn making me happy, I was ordinarily shy in public and I still have to force me.

I was so happy to submit to all His wishes that I did not notice I was becoming step by step His submissive slut. I knew also I was arousing Him insanely, as much as I was ready for anything He would have asked. We went back to His home the following weekend. It was hot in the car, my skirt showed a bit too short and He was watching the tops of my stockings. I had to tell him constantly to look at the road... With a hand under my skirt, feeling my panties, or even from time to time with a finger in my wet pussy, He would tell me I am “His around the way girl”. I was melting. I am always so in same circumstances. I fell deeply in love.

When we arrived, I was panting. As soon as we got in the sitting room, He ordered me to take my panties off and to bend forward, skirt lifted and legs spread open. I did and then felt His finger slide into my ass. It put me over the top. Then He fingered me harder and worked two more fingers into me. I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan. He brought His hand up to my mouth and I hummed as I slowly sucked on each finger, tasting myself. Then He stood me up and leaned me over so my hands were on the edge of the coffee table, supporting me. He took off His pants and dropped His underwear. He felt my smooth round ass, raised His open hand and brought it down on my ass with a loud smack. I squealed as the painful pleasure ran up my spine. When He grabbed my hips and I felt the tip of His cock at the edge of my asshole, I begged for him to fuck me. He spread my ass cheeks wide with His thumbs, pulled back and rammed His cock deep into my ass. I screamed as the incredible pain turned to incredible pleasure and my quivering ass stretched to the width of His giant cock. He paused for a moment, allowing my asshole to adjust to His fullness, then He swiftly pulled back and jammed His cock back in. I moaned and screamed as the pain and pleasure renewed itself and after the third time He fiercely pumped His cock in and out of me with increasing speed. He grabbed my hair with a clinched fist and pulled my head way back. Again and again He reamed me out until He buried His throbbing cock deep and shot His cum inside. My knees felt weak but my hands never moved from the coffee table until He removed His cock, turned me around and commanded me to clean my ass off His dick. I squatted down in front of him and went to work. I opened my mouth and licked from the head of His cock down to His balls. Then I started sucking on the head and slowly edged His cock deeper and deeper into my throat. While I did this, some of His cum had oozed from my ass, leaving a small puddle underneath me. Seeing that, He demanded I clean it up too. On all fours, I eagerly lapped up every drop of His splooge from the floor while He was telling me how happy He was with His little cum slut.

That was also the first lesson about another rule: His sperm must never go waste.

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  1. Great read!
    I'm really looking forward to your next posts. Hope it's a mix of old and recent stories. I wonder how your slut training is going...