Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My "first" with a girl

Master wants I publicly report in depth the details of my sex life together with the progress I am making (which translates in His words in “My achievements in educating my slut”). He asked me to open this new blog and move from Tumblr to this one all the previous reports of my sex life. I will do so progressively, taking the opportunity to insert some older stories in. This is one of them.

All what happened is both recent and old now. I became closer to Master last winter and much closer in January of this year, but I started becoming His submissive toy and He started my education only a few weeks later, in February. The following story, an awesome experience and such a happy memory, took place on January 9. I copy it exactly as I “twittered” it soon after, a write-up that makes now both of us laugh as He is the “handsome” man who invited me that weekend. Quote:

I was invited by a handsome man I know well but who was not a “close” friend before. I was so happy (and remain so) because I was dreaming this guy to take more interest in me and this is happening now. Independently in a way, but thanks to that invitation, a very important event took place in my life. The very surprise of the weekend was in fact that, for the first time, I made love with a girl. My very first girl-on-girl. Now it's said... I am in a very pensive mood tonight. It was weird and awesome. I simply loved it!

Here we are. Last weekend this attracting guy took me at his country house. He had also invited another couple. On Friday night as I expected and wildly wished my boyfriend used a poor and pithy excuse to attract me in his bedroom and he gave me a good lay. I was in heaven and we had a nice Saturday indoors thanks to the weather, he bedded me again after lunch, our friends were having sex too and we all met for tea afterwards. The guys put the TV on to watch a match so the girl (Kate) and I decided to go in her room for some further chat. The bedroom was also equipped with a TV set, and after a time Kate pulled a lesbian sex DVD out of her suitcase and played it. I was slightly surprised, but we sat and watched the movie. Watching on, each of us was growing quietly wetter and wetter.

All of a sudden Kate stood up and gently removed her panties from under her skirt. She tossed them away and began to caress my bare legs. Fondling and gentle stroking with girls was not unknown to me, but I never stepped further and never had lesbian sex before. I realized Kate was bi, she told it bluntly, and she did not need to add anything as she “knew” it was my first time. She whispered she wanted me. I was mesmerized, spellbound by her. We undressed each other until we were down to just our bras, then Kate pulled off mine with her teeth exposing my breasts. As she took my clothes off she caressed my thighs and told me no to worry. “I want you, Alexia, don't disappoint me...” she said softly.

She held my fingers and pulled them to her own soaking pussy, where she made my hand move in a rhythm. She placed her mouth over my hairless pussy and began to eat me out. She continued to tongue fuck me for about 10 minutes when she pulled out a vibrator witch she fucked me with while sucking my tits. Then she started eating me out again. I was moaning, gasping, screaming, I remember I had three full orgasms. I squirted all over her face and she went on licking my juice off my pussy. Then Kate told me to eat her out witch I did after having fingered her soaking wet pussy. After a few minutes she cum all over my mouth, I sucked her dry and went on kissing, fondling and hugging her. Girls know the female body and know what to do to get each other off but I’m not bi and never thought sex with a female was so good.

I feel slightly guilty since that unique experience and I am not sure I want to go on that way – though I know men like looking at girls playing together. I've been silent during the weekend because I had no access to web, and then since because I am still “digesting” my weird experience. I remember the taste and the scent of Kate’s wet pussy... Tonight before twitting I took a dildo and jammed it up my cunt, thinking of that Saturday afternoon. After all I have no regrets, and next time... Well, in summary I must have a “next time”.

Unquote. That was my exact words at the time. Nothing much to change except that when I speak to my boyfriend now I call Him “Sir”, and as He controls my life I now would ask for His permission first. As an aside, needless to write that I had a “next time” since that initiation. Master is kind and good to me.


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