Sunday, 11 July 2010

Routine blowjob

I was back first and when He reached home He looked preoccupied. I kneeled in front of Him in the lobby and slipped my panties down my thighs. I opened His fly and gently took His large cock out, ready to give Master the best 'head' I could and show Him that way how successful His training was. Think of a blowjob as a dance routine... your Master needs a quiet, teasing, promising beginning. Then you use your mouth to take possession of the whole arena... Raise the energy levels as slowly as possible... as you actually choreograph a long sequence of repetitious touches, moves, twists, and shaping, so He never gets bored or loses his climax. And a few rests or slowdowns, at the right times, can prolong and intensify the climax. Be sure to pay attention to the whole penis, not just the head...! Swirl your tongue around the tip while pumping Him and alternate with deepthroat. Lovingly massage his balls. I’ve learnt to alternate my speed when sucking His cock, showing that Him coming in my mouth is my top priority. And when He does start to come I don't stop what I am doing, I suck until He is completely done. And I always swallow His hot and sticky juice with a big smile :-D

He told me "You're a good girl."  Clearly the evening started well.


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