Thursday, 26 August 2010

Easter Weekend Training (Part 3), The End

Big Fatty obviously satisfied but tired went to sit and watch what happens next.

The two other men must have been seriously turned on by the blowjob live show because they were displaying a major boner, their rods were huge and pulsating, letting me know that these guy would now stick their erected cocks in anything with a hole and I was there enslaved for that purpose.

They were middle-aged, looking more aged than middle I would say. One of them was bald-headed with his body hairy as a monkey, the other one was older, not really disgusting but more simply unattractive, showing the prominent belly of a man in his mid-fifties. Both were sweating and their perspiration was now a well-marked scent. Their nudity was crudely revealing their flabby appearance, and nothing was appealing in these despicable strangers but the unusual size of their rods.

Master was watching silently, I noticed a light smirk on his face. I had and still not have any idea of where and how he hired these men.

All sort of objects were lying on the coffee table. The older obese Rhino took a pair of nipple clamps with a chain in between and a hitched brass weight, attached the nipple clamps onto my breasts, and pulled me toward the sofa. It was pulling suddenly hard at my nipples and I thought “Ouch!”, of course without uttering any cry as I know there would be repercussions should I make unsolicited noises.

‘Monkey’ (the other man) took the lead, guided me to the sofa and made me bend over the back. Knowing how to behave I spread my legs open, offering myself for inspection, as the chain and the weight stretched my tits downwards the other side of the back of the sofa. I know they were staring my bare plugged ass and wet pussy framed by my stockings and garter belt, then I felt their hands on my arse, caressing my butt cheeks, moving the buttplug, feeling my pussy, pinching my clitoris, fingering my cunt. I was thinking “Here I am, not a girl but a sex toy for their emotionless sexual needs, a slave to molest. I don’t know these men, they don’t care a damn who I am, for I am simply a piece of meat with functional holes which they will use for their pleasure and relief. No, not only that: I am also supposed to enjoy their gang rape and thank them for their brutal use of my body.” Yet while having those thoughts I realized I was dripping wet. Not from physical pleasure from hands and fingers viciously searching my privates while my nipples were really painful and my inside stretched by the sizeable buttplug, but from my feeling of being downgraded to nothing more than an object, and by observing that I had turned in fact to a wet bitch in heat waiting for more humiliation. Thanks to the circumstances and to these careless primitive men, it was just dripping out of my pussy.

From where and how I was I could see Master. Again He was smirking and my pleasure to guess His pleasure took me close to cumming. I hold back though as I was not sure permission was granted.

The older guy told Monkey to go round the sofa, as he would fuck me first while my mouth could make Monkey’s cock wait on pleasantly.

I was completely aroused and my cunt was already convulsing. Not allowed to speak, I thought “Please fuck me Sir, do fuck me deep”. My wish was indeed to be granted. Within seconds ‘Older’ (the Rhino) was tapping the head of his cock against my butt cheeks, then he took one of my legs up to open my rump wider and I felt him pulling out the butt plug then right away I felt the head of his cock at my asshole. In one stroke he pushed his cock all the way in. I gasped as it finished its entrance into my stretched ass, I thought “OMG He is going to fuck my butthole hard.”

I just had the time to utter “Thank you Sir” before Monkey in front of the sofa pushed his rod into my mouth all the way down my throat.

‘Older’ dropped my leg, grabbed my hips and started ramming into my ass as hard as he could. He pounded my hole fast and harshly. Despite Master’s training, I wasn’t sure I could take a pounding like that in the ass but unexpectedly in only a few minutes I wanted to cum. In ‘normal’ times Master makes me cum when He fucks my backdoor, only because He is the Master and my orgasm is stemming from His use of His property, and because He wants me to be a good anal slut. Before Master reign, I had never cum but once while someone else was fucking my ass and I wanted to every time now.

I realized I wanted to orgasm long before ‘Older’ even got to the point of wanting to cum. I made two mistakes. First, busy with what was happening to me, Monkey considered I was not sucking his cock up to his expectations (though one may have asked if I was sucking him or if it was him fucking my mouth as he was holding my head and hair with both hands shaking it backward and forward like a puppet’s). He slapped brutally my face while I heard him saying “Work my boner on properly, lazy whore slut.”

The second mistake was related, as I begged ‘Older’ and Master at the same time to let me cum. Both said NO! with one voice. I wanted to cum so badly I would have done anything to get that permission. I was cooled down by Master’s voice adding “Slut, you cum when I tell you to cum and not a second before do you understand? You will be punished for your misbehaviour.” I grunted an obedient response as I was not much for talking at the moment, having pulled myself together and started again docilely the best blowjob I could produce on Monkey’s cock.

In my back, ‘Older’ was still pumping hard and deep using my dilated asshole as a cunt, then I heard: “You are just a slut loose whore who wants anything filled with cock, now take my cum up your slut whore ass.” He cummed hard, I felt it spray inside of me, thinking of his hot thick sticky gooey milky man juice flowing through deep into my ass. “Look at that cum dumpster, thank me for creaming your asscunt, whore, and now you may cum for me.” My body quaked at the command. I was immediately consumed with lust and letting out a low, soft moan, I thanked him while experiencing the longest orgasm of the day so far. However complex and hard to admit, I get pleasure out of submission, humiliation and being tortured.

‘Older’ grabbed my hair and pulled on to drive me down on my knees facing his messy cock. “Clean your mess, slut.” I did it over with my lips and my tongue, hands on my arse as I have been taught. When the member was shining clean, he said “You are doing good, slut. Next, now!”

Monkey ordered me to come over to the other side of the sofa to take his tour. His pulsing large rod was a clear message.

He pushed me into the seat of the sofa, my ass sitting on the edge, lying on my back. He then ordered me to spread my legs as wide as I could and to finger my moist pussy. “Have you noticed the size of my cock, slut? I know the sight of it is making you jump for joy, yet I need a very juicy well lubricated gaping vagina to fuck comfortably off.” I responded “I am very fortunate you care to use me for your pleasure Sir. I am so happy to serve you Sir, I’ll try to be equal to my duty and I can assure you my vagina is slippery wet and ready now!”

He climbed on the sofa and sat on my face. “Lick my ass clean, slut!” Gagged by his fatty and hairy ass, I could barely breathe but I managed to slide my tongue into his anus as deep as I could and move it around. He grunted like a pig. While licking his asshole as I endured the offending taste and the similarly offending odour of his ass, I realised I was again deeply aroused and consumed with a lust new to me.

Monkey disengaged from his posture, and came back in front of me. My legs were spread open, and he started playing with my pussy. He then slammed my sore nipples, making the clamps more painful, and after long minutes of that game he released my tits from the tool. “You like that don’t you fucking cunt?” I whispered “Thank you Sir!”

He bent over between my spread legs and put three fingers inside me, then forced four fingers deep inside, fucking me hard with his hand. “Move, loose fucking whore”, he shouted. I started rocking the best I could on his hand, then he took it off and started eating and sucking my pussy lips in his mouth.

Getting back on his feet, Monkey touched my pussy with the head of his cock, then positioned the awesome member at my pussy lips and thrust in as hard as he could into my cunt. I felt a sharp pain and groaned softly, then cried silently. The sight of his short and large hairy chest made me feel I was fucked by a gorilla. He laughed out, excited by my tears, driving his cock deeper and deeper, stuffing me full, pounding deep inside me, fucking me with all his might until cumming deep inside, sending his spunk into me. I didn’t orgasm a second time and I was really happy when he splooged into my vagina, putting an end to this severe test.

When he was done and I had cleaned up his cock as I did his friend’s, I walked up to Master, knelt down respectfully, and asked “Did your slave please you Sir?”

“You are doing good slut,” He said.

He sent me back to Monkey. I prostrated myself before him, kissed his feet and said “I am nothing but a cock worshiping slut that needs be used all the time. Thank you Sir.” They all smirked.

I knew the evening session aroused Master, tremendously. He seemed happy of the results of my training. He said however I had still to keep training and I has still to progress in order to hold my leash close and tight enough. As an aside, He added my two mistakes will translate later in a strong punishment. I am not sure I deserve it but I know it will please Master. So it will be as it ought to be.

All that took place in April 2010...


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Easter weekend (part 2)

By seven pm I was ready, having enjoyed a long bath, hair and makeup done, legs thighs and pussy freshly waxed and satin-smooth. I would have preferred to to meet the guests dressed up, but didn’t dare to ask as Master said previously I should stay fully naked the whole weekend. As per His rules I had only stockings and heels on.

I was wearing a new very glamorous and classic garter belt, one of the best pieces of lingerie I’ve worn in a long time, with nylon stockings. I just loved the stockings I wore with the belt. The vintage-style reinforced heel and toe nylon nude fabric was silky smooth, sheer, and made awesome legs! I kept feeling the stockings for the pleasure of it… perhaps rather to avoid thinking.

In fact, apprehending the evening, I felt like having got a lead weight in my stomach. Master perceived it and spoke more than average. “It’s not a punishment, He said, though some pain will do you good and the sight of your fears may add to our pleasure. Not a punishment at all, quite the reverse, a reward. You’ve done fairly well so far, and this evening will make you progressing again. Your direct sexual pleasure is not the purpose, at least at this point in your training, though I authorize you to cum as many times as you want, and I know orgasms will spark off from your submission and the hell and heaven of being humiliated, degraded and made the lowest of the low. I don’t know if you’ll like your partners and I don’t care because it’s not the point, the point is to pleasure them to the best of your abilities and show you are a talented whore. I know you find it difficult, but I also know you will enjoy the whole thing eventually. Your primary focus must be to please and to be found pleasing. When sharing you with strangers and providing you the opportunity to earn your pleasure I am being good to you and understanding. You should be grateful.”

I answered in a whisper “Yes Sir, thank you Sir, your slut will do her best to please you.” After a silence to reflect, I found again I couldn’t freely speak and say the truth, that I understood His pleasures but mine were to submit and accept, be His, not be used by any other guy at random. But I also knew He was perfectly aware. Quitting the voice protocol, I conceded “You own me, I can’t help it. My limits do not have to be respected. I trust You, Sir, I am ready. My only hope in such a challenge is that my relationship to You progresses through time.”

I am sure He was reading in my thoughts as He said smirking “Pain and pleasure must always be mixed, and there is no right or wrong side. Now, be mindful of keeping a lowly bearing in all circumstances and remain silent unless someone speaks to you. You’ll enter the sitting room when I say.” He didn’t elaborate much about who was expected.

The feeling of having no control over my life and only do what I was being told was complete and I stand passively in wait for a long while.

When I heard His voice calling, I entered the sitting room. Three men and Master were seated, casually dressed. One of the men was rather young and very tall and fat, the two other were middle aged and middle everything. I knew none of them. Believe me it is not that easy (when you’re not used to it I suppose) to enter a room and stand fully naked in front of a group of fully dressed strangers watching you intensely. And they were looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

I stand in the middle of the room, docile and submissive as I was told, my arms crossed in my back so my nipples were standing out, my legs apart. This was one of those times where I am happy I am not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Again, as last time, I kind of felt as though I was being sold by Master but this time I relaxed a little because the humiliating situation started faster to make results and was bringing in nasty pleasant feelings.

Standing there, totally exposed, I felt I was wetting…

Master said to His mates “Alexia would be glad to satisfy you any way you wish. She is happy to submit to you because she is my property and for this evening you are the Masters.” And, turning to me: “Something to say, fuck toy?” I responded what He previously taught me to: “I am slut, your slut. Use your slut as you see fit, anywhere, any hole you want to use is there for you. Sir I am slut only to be used.”

The three men jumped up their seats and took their clothes off. Master got also undressed but remained seated in His armchair to watch.

The youngest guest, the tall and fat one, came to me. He cupped my tits and began to squeeze, pinching the nipples between finger and thumb. My breath went shallow. He then put a hand down between my thighs, slowly up to my pussy and I felt the slightest of touches as he went past my pussy, pulling slightly the lips apart.

“A little wet I see.” he said.

I felt my face go flush and my pussy got a bit wetter. I wanted to say something but knew I shouldn’t. Even with the heels I had on I was still shorter than him. I felt him run his hand over each cheek of my ass, then between them pausing to push on my asshole for a brief moment. His hands moved again to my pussy lips, and suddenly he forced his fingers deep inside me, fucking me hard, making me gasp but I didn’t move. He fingered me roughly, his long nails tearing my insides. I wanted to scream in pain but managed to only squeal softly.

“Turn around and bend over slut.” I was moist and he leaned forward down to taste briefly my juices. On the coffee table there was some lube and a large butt plug. I knew this toy well for it was usually used for my anal training. It is triangle shaped, about 6 inches high and approximately 3 x 3 inches at the base of the cone. He told me to spread my ass cheeks. I obeyed and anticipated the entry of the butt plug into my ass. I felt the tip of it working around my asshole stretching it slightly before being pushed in. Ouch. I gasped when he pushed it into my ass spreading my hole wide, then he worked it in and out until the full six inches were in me and the little muscle had closed around the base to hold it in. The initial pain turned then into some form of pleasure.

At that point in time Master was still seated but I saw He was slowly wanking while watching. The two other guys were also rubbing slowly their shafts.

The young fat giant (not knowing his name I called him “Big Fatty” in my mind) caressed my vulva for a second before pushing his fingers deep into my cunt. He searched around until he could feel the butt plug he had just inserted into my ass. He rubbed it from the inside of me for a minute or so. He could feel me getting wetter with each stroke. He then said “Slut, knee down, I want my pleasure in your mouth, suck my cock until my cum is running down your throat. Use no hands not even to get to it.” I turned around and dropped to my knees to face without question his cock and balls. With my tongue I slowly licked his balls and pictured how full they were. I took each one into my mouth and gently sucked them. I felt the fullness of each of them in my mouth knowing that in a short time their content would be going down my throat. After releasing them I used the tip of my tongue to feel again all of the skin before working up to the hardening cock in front of my face. I slowly licked up the hard member to just under the tip all the way around. My tongue swirled around the head a few times as it had hardened even further and there was a wetness starting to seep out of it.

As I moved to better take the cock into my mouth I felt the butt plug manifesting its presence inside me. With the tip of my tongue I licked the wetness that was coming out of the slit then swirled the tongue around the top of the hard cock. With my lips closed I pressed the head of the cock to them kissing it tenderly, then parting my lips and pushing my tongue out I slowly took the head into my waiting mouth. I heard Big Fatty moan lowly as I worked slowly down the hard shaft and moved up until only the head remained in my mouth. I carried on, each time going up and down I took more of it into my mouth. Soon the head was hitting the back of my throat and I could feel it wanting to go farther down. When it was down my throat I was feeling hair on my nose and his beer belly, a real sumo stomach, leaning on my forehead. I knew Big Fatty liked my face pressed into his skin and I was ready to do it all on my own without hands, though he was helping with his hands holding my head and pressing my face into his body, with his cock buried in my throat.

While I was engulfing his full length I was swallowing causing my throat to massage the head. I could feel it growing slightly. As I was slowly coming up I heard him groan then felt the hotness of his cum empty into my mouth and throat. “Swallow my cream, have it all,” Big Fatty said hoarsely. I kept him in my mouth, swallowing his entire sticky load, making sure to get every drop.

When it was all over, I carefully licked his cock clean and said respectfully “Thank you Sir.”

The two other men took me to the sofa.


(To be followed...)

Thursday, 12 August 2010

A busy long week-end

Easter was falling late this year, April 4 to be precise, but don’t be mistaken about the reason why I’m mentioning it. For the most part of Europe, Easter Sunday means a longer weekend, at least three days off work - which many people would turn into four, or five, or the whole week...

This year, Easter Sunday meant also for me the third day of a hard training session, which details will always be fresh in my mind. Master is careful and pays attention (up to a limit!) not to disturb overly my working life. For that reason, and His own work, real training were and still are usually taking place on weekends and the opportunity to enjoy four days off in a row was good news for both of us. Following Master’s instructions that I share my privacy, I post the journal of that time. It is a long story, I’ll post it in three parts.


I am now wearing a leather collar, even sometimes outside, though He allowed me of course not to wear it at work and during weekdays when it may create difficulties. In the morning, I was trained on posturing at specific orders. When ordered “Inspection”, I must first take my clothes off but heels and stockings then stand legs wide apart, breasts pushed out, hands locked behind head, head up and eyes down. “Display” or “Present” means kneeling with thighs widely apart, fingers interlocked behind my head, butt on heels, back straight, chest and genitals presented in ‘display’ or for the viewing pleasure or inspection. “Lay down” (on a bed or on the floor) is on my back, arms above head and legs wide spread. When I am alone with Him, I grovel and beg in a sufficiently submissive way and He doesn’t use these orders much, but good execution is important in the presence of strangers. The order is given abruptly as He would crack a whip and I have no choice but to execute at once docilely.

Later on, He told me I would have to serve in the evening. Again, I was scared as never. It already happened twice but I was sort of hoping that was fortuitous circumstances. I understood Master established will was to organise the public shagging parties on a more regular basis. “Now, I want you to be clean inside and outside.” In the afternoon He gave me an enema and when my body was empty I had a long bath, did my hair, put on my makeup, and as told inserted a buttplug into my ass to get it prepared.

He knows I love Him and I want my body and thoughts to be for Him only, but on the other hand He also knows (He knows me so well) that I need humiliation and demeaning situations. I hate it but at the same time it arouses me to be treated as the nasty bitch He made of me. A cum dumpster, as He happened to call me. I must admit that it is true.

Master said “Come here, slut, I must first beautify your body and show to the men coming in a moment that you’re a slave.” He showed me something He never used before, nipple clamps with a connecting chain, and He placed the clamps onto my breasts. The clamps were spring loaded to shut tightly and were pinching my nipples hard. He then clipped a weight to the chain. I felt the clamps pulling at my sensitive nipples, hard and painful. Master made me bend forward, and then moved my body and the weights started bouncing to the rhythm, pulling and tugging at my nipples as they bounced, twisting my nipples as the clamps and weight swayed faster and harder. My twisted nipples were getting really painful to tears but I knew I had to endure it and go along with my status, and above all because the sight of it and my pain were pleasing Master. The guests are also be happy to torture me I was sure.

Incredibly, as Master was happy and I melt down when I please Master, I could feel the wetness spreading between my legs.

“Since you’re a good slut I’m going to use you first and let you have my cum inside of you and I may give you permission to come, we’ll see” He said. “Bend forward, and spread your butt cheeks.” I put my hands on my butt and spread it open. He pulled out the assplug I still had in and easily inserted His large cock in place of it.

He rammed his cock into my ass cunt hard and deep, each thrust harder than the last and feeling deeper. In one last thrust he rammed His cock into me as hard and fast He could and He spewed his cum inside of my clean butt hole. I wanted to badly cum too and at the blowing of His load I begged “Sir do you want your slave to cum?” He said “Yes” and that instantly caused me to cum just as hard, milking His cock of the cum that was left in Him.

All my body shuddered as my orgasm over took all else. I thanked Him with all my heart while licking His cock and His balls clean as I have been taught to do.

Master pulled my nipple clamps off, and told me to go and prepare my body again for the evening party, another bath and a fix to my makeup. Eyes overly done with shade and mascara, I know He likes, foundation and a very red teasing lipgloss (I am dark haired and fair skinned).

It is late now, I tell you tomorrow how the evening went on.


Sunday, 8 August 2010

Slave auction

The first six weeks, my submission and the way I was behaving with Master was uninhibited but spontaneous, arising from natural impulse and inclination. When March arrived, I was told I needed a proper training, not that much to please Him sexually as He admitted I was as good as required (He even asked me once if I was escort in my previous life!), but because I was lacking some of the style and demeanour an owned girl must have. As we both are working, and we were not living at the same place at the time, the weekends were fully devoted to that training. I was happy and eager to learn, happy to please Him, and also a little nervous because if He was so kindly protective and good to me, He warned me that punishments help to learn fast and to remember, and He acted accordingly. I am a bit lazy, slightly scatterbrained (I forget easily) but I fear pain even if I must admit I can find some sort of pleasure when I’m being beaten by the one I love. I thus learnt fast that the first two were driving me into the last. My eagerness to satisfy Him added to the threat of the cane did wonders, and Master admitted I was the better slave He ever had the opportunity to educate.

As an aside, Master is older than me and it is clear He had several women in His life before me. I didn’t ask and He never told me much, but now with the benefit of hindsight I can tell He is an exceptional Dom and I dearly want He keeps me for good. A huge draw on my effort to be and remain His 'dream sub'.

I’ll come back later on some parts of that harsh training. It is now fully integrated in my mind that the life of a slave is degrading and humiliating by nature. At least it is Master’s viewpoint and I have little experience. Submission is not only to obey the rules, it is to have no choice to do what you want - as well as what you do not want to do. I think I read that somewhere, or rather I was told so.

The main example I can give to evidence my total submission and my docility is the way I surrendered to His fantasy to share me. There are things he forces me to do that I would never do on my own. Also, paradoxically, I crave what I fear. And love him more because he demands it of me.

Several times He alluded “a whore must be public and not serve only one man” or “I’ll be pleased when you’ll service my friends and I want they praise your skills.” I never reacted much to His remarks because I knew it would come one day. I would respond “I’ll do whatever pleases You, Sir” and He would smirk.

A few weeks later, as He asked me if I was ready, I spontaneously abided by the voice protocol and replied “Yes Sir, Your slave will always obey and please her Master as He desires. I am Your property.” I was nervous at the same time. I had never done anything like this before and it scared the hell out of me, although at the same time it made me wet. Master watched the fear in my eyes, and my desperate desire to please him.

When He picked me up the next weekend to take me to a little party where I was to be a model and a free whore, I was more nervous that I had ever been. I was about to get fucked by complete strangers. But I wanted to prove that I would do anything and everything, whenever He asked. His presence and His pleasure were making everything worthwhile.

The party was gathering about ten people on the theme of stockings and legs. The basic idea was that I would stand on stage modelling my legs and thighs for the guests along with two other girls I never met before. If a guest likes your style then he (or she) could reserve you for 10 or 20 minutes or more to do whatever they like with you. Master was very precise on how I had to dress: no panties, no bra, just my very short red skirt with a nude lace top in transparent fabric that made impossible not to see my instantly discernible nipples, black sheer stockings and garter belt, high heeled open shoes. Normally I don’t wear that summer skirt with stockings, it is too short and one can see the tops of the stockings. Wanted to put a coat on, He said no.

When out of the car I walked in the street dressed as a prostitute to the apparent pleasure of some passerby. It was difficult to be catcalled in the street and I was still very nervous about the whole thing. When we entered the house, I recognized one or two faces of Master’s friends I had met previously, but the majority were strangers. ‘On the stage’ with background music the two other girls and myself did our best wiggling to get our audience aroused, makings movements to simulates sexuality... My dress kept riding up my thighs showing off my ass and my naked pussy. Needless to say that was widely expected.

Soon a man asked for me and took me in a second sitting room where one other girl was already very busy with the cock of the attendee I knew. The stranger made me sit on a sofa on my naked butt and spread my legs wide open. Master came aside and as I was shivering He told me to be docile. I kind of felt as though I was being sold by Him and at first it did hurt my feelings, it was a bit like a slave auction. But I realised He was highly excited and also proud to have people wanting me. His clearly visible pleasure of sharing me with that stranger was a combination of His perverted sexual desire and His thrill to humiliate me. He watched, smirking, the man spreading my legs wide and fingering my pussy. I felt my cunt was beginning to moisten. The man then took his cock out of his pants and mouthfucked me in a hard way, holding my head and pushing it down, making me almost gag. He had a huge cock and deepthroating him was difficult and almost painful. When he pulled out I said what I knew I had to: “Thank you Sir,” with tears in my eyes but pussy wet, and they both smiled with satisfaction. Then the stranger pulled me to the wall where I bent over and spread my legs, my hands bracing myself against the wall. He penetrated savagely my cunt which was ready for that, and pumped hard and deep. I wouldn’t have thought that before but by surprise lust invaded me, more for being degraded than thanks to what his boner was doing to me. The sensation of his shaft rubbing in and out of my already sensitive hole caused me to whimper and to moan, but also to beg for more. All I cared about was pleading for this stranger to fuck me harder and deeper, to continue to fuck me until he had his fill. Growling, puffing, grunting, the stranger cummed in my vagina and took His sticky cock out ordering me not to move. I heard him in my back thanking Master, as his splooge was oozing from my creamy pussy.

On the way back home, Master told me He was happy. Down to earth, He warned not to spoil the car seat and handed me a box of Kleenex, as I had not been permitted to clean myself in the house after the service and I had no panties on.


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A wink, for fun

Since January, I’m wearing stockings every day and night, except for a few occasions when it was so hot and Master allowed bare legs. Before, I used to wear them occasionally, mainly when I had a date as I know men in general love stockings. Why? Tights make legs beautiful as well... Maybe you have your own idea and I welcome all assumptions (please use the “comment” area). My theory is that men know stockings don’t cover the upper portion of the thighs and as a result the crotch area is only protected by the panties (if panties at all) and panties are easy to pull down or simply aside. If you are used to stockings, you know that life is easier (particularly in the ladies room) when you put your panties over the straps of your garterbelt... Canny boys also know that trick and perhaps it adds to the appeal of stockings.

With Master not only placing stockings and garterbelts on top of my dressing protocol, but commanding I always wear them for sex or punishments, I have become an expert. Master wants vintage style stockings made on the original machines, where the stocking is knitted flat and sewn together in the back. These stockings are usually knitted of 15 denier, although some of the original vintage styles came on heavier 20 or 30 denier called “service weight” for everyday use. Authentic stockings always have a top welt made by doubling over the top fabric and sewing it back unto itself. A “finishing hole” is always left in the seam in the middle of the top welt, which enable the stocking to fit better on the thigh. This detail not only allows the top welt to stretch for a more comfortable fit on the thigh, but is the unmistakable mark of the true full-fashioned stocking.

Stretch stockings usually require only a four-strap garterbelt to keep it in place. It is important to adjust the shape and size to keep the stockings from sagging. Stiletto heels are of course essential, and you spend the hell of a time to check that the back seam is keeping straight. I was proficient, but in six month time, thanks to Master, I have become a pundit.

When Master commands me to get undressed, it always means I keep my stockings on. And during my everyday life, I can’t believe how the guys keep peeking under my skirt.


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Master makes the rules

When I first met Master, I had a deep euphoric feeling that He was not another boyfriend but the man of my life. Possibly my husband, I thought at that early time (not knowing what a sub is...), though marriage certificate is not something I am really interested in. This guy was instantly ‘the’ Someone, someone who will make my life worth living, someone who will make me feel loved, protect me, will always be there for me. Someone I could define as the light of my life, the beat of my heart, the sun in my day and the stars in my night. That is how submission came so instantly and so naturally. When you love someone you want nothing more than for Him to be truly happy no matter what it takes because that's how much you care about Him and because His needs come before your own. Without Him, present or not, I felt incomplete. I was ready to please Him at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances. Very soon in our relationship, all my choices were based upon whether or not they will please Him.

I slipped naturally and very quickly into a complete sub behaviour, adopting the attitude Master was expecting without particular keynote speech from Him, mainly by myself. He would simply give here and there some guidance. Very soon He told me He would be pleased not to be referred to by His given name but to use “Master” to describe Him, and that He wished to be always addressed as “Sir”, unless under circumstances where these terms might cause people around us to be made uncomfortable. It could be difficult to understand, but the way it was said and the moment it came made it plain and straightforward, and since that day I’m using a capital letter for Him without having been instructed to do so. In the same way, as He is commanding respect, I would go as a matter of course to my knees with my hands on my thighs and my eyes lowered before Him when I am waiting for orders. Whenever He speaks I become silent when I am speaking. And so forth.

I was timid and shy in public (and to a large extent I am still so, which gives Master an easy playground to torture me). He made me change completely my behaviour by making me understand He wanted His girl to be provocative and appealing, to glow with sexual desire, in short to look and be slutty. I was not realising that a few weeks later I would not only look like a whore, but be a whore, a cock whore, the ultimate true slut.

He taught me very naturally manners of carrying myself in a ‘sexy’ way - translate ‘slutty’ - (“...It’s not a word, it’s an attitude ...”), and, as he has very definite preferences, He prescribed me a dress code I must conform to at all times. This is one of few exceptions to the “soft rules”, it is strict discipline. Needless to say I must wear short and tight dresses and skirts exclusively, high heels, etc, and I’ll come back to that, but one of His passions is for stockings. I must wear stockings and suspender belts (or garters, if you prefer), in and out of the house, except in a few cases when I get the permission in advance. I seldom ask for that kind of permission, as I know He is so happy to see the tops of my stockings bordering the bottom edge of my skirt. He really enjoys when my dress rides up my thighs and to see my embarrassment, and when I sit I am not allowed to cross my legs. On the contrary, I must slightly open my legs so He – or whoever is there in front of me – can peek under my skirt up to my panties. Trying to remain decent is a hopeless battle, the more if you know He buys Himself my undies, and all my panties are the next size down ... and transparent.

Slutty and exposed, that’s how He wants me to be, constantly. It is one of many ways to remind me, in public, surrounded by many, that I am owned, that I belong to Him, that I am His nasty piece of fuck meat, that I am here to please Him, to obey Him, to be His bitch in heat.

He also understood fast, to His greatest pleasure, that humiliation was turning me on. More humiliation and degradation was the next step, it came soon, uncontrollably.

I’ll tell you all about it in my next blog post.