Thursday, 12 August 2010

A busy long week-end

Easter was falling late this year, April 4 to be precise, but don’t be mistaken about the reason why I’m mentioning it. For the most part of Europe, Easter Sunday means a longer weekend, at least three days off work - which many people would turn into four, or five, or the whole week...

This year, Easter Sunday meant also for me the third day of a hard training session, which details will always be fresh in my mind. Master is careful and pays attention (up to a limit!) not to disturb overly my working life. For that reason, and His own work, real training were and still are usually taking place on weekends and the opportunity to enjoy four days off in a row was good news for both of us. Following Master’s instructions that I share my privacy, I post the journal of that time. It is a long story, I’ll post it in three parts.


I am now wearing a leather collar, even sometimes outside, though He allowed me of course not to wear it at work and during weekdays when it may create difficulties. In the morning, I was trained on posturing at specific orders. When ordered “Inspection”, I must first take my clothes off but heels and stockings then stand legs wide apart, breasts pushed out, hands locked behind head, head up and eyes down. “Display” or “Present” means kneeling with thighs widely apart, fingers interlocked behind my head, butt on heels, back straight, chest and genitals presented in ‘display’ or for the viewing pleasure or inspection. “Lay down” (on a bed or on the floor) is on my back, arms above head and legs wide spread. When I am alone with Him, I grovel and beg in a sufficiently submissive way and He doesn’t use these orders much, but good execution is important in the presence of strangers. The order is given abruptly as He would crack a whip and I have no choice but to execute at once docilely.

Later on, He told me I would have to serve in the evening. Again, I was scared as never. It already happened twice but I was sort of hoping that was fortuitous circumstances. I understood Master established will was to organise the public shagging parties on a more regular basis. “Now, I want you to be clean inside and outside.” In the afternoon He gave me an enema and when my body was empty I had a long bath, did my hair, put on my makeup, and as told inserted a buttplug into my ass to get it prepared.

He knows I love Him and I want my body and thoughts to be for Him only, but on the other hand He also knows (He knows me so well) that I need humiliation and demeaning situations. I hate it but at the same time it arouses me to be treated as the nasty bitch He made of me. A cum dumpster, as He happened to call me. I must admit that it is true.

Master said “Come here, slut, I must first beautify your body and show to the men coming in a moment that you’re a slave.” He showed me something He never used before, nipple clamps with a connecting chain, and He placed the clamps onto my breasts. The clamps were spring loaded to shut tightly and were pinching my nipples hard. He then clipped a weight to the chain. I felt the clamps pulling at my sensitive nipples, hard and painful. Master made me bend forward, and then moved my body and the weights started bouncing to the rhythm, pulling and tugging at my nipples as they bounced, twisting my nipples as the clamps and weight swayed faster and harder. My twisted nipples were getting really painful to tears but I knew I had to endure it and go along with my status, and above all because the sight of it and my pain were pleasing Master. The guests are also be happy to torture me I was sure.

Incredibly, as Master was happy and I melt down when I please Master, I could feel the wetness spreading between my legs.

“Since you’re a good slut I’m going to use you first and let you have my cum inside of you and I may give you permission to come, we’ll see” He said. “Bend forward, and spread your butt cheeks.” I put my hands on my butt and spread it open. He pulled out the assplug I still had in and easily inserted His large cock in place of it.

He rammed his cock into my ass cunt hard and deep, each thrust harder than the last and feeling deeper. In one last thrust he rammed His cock into me as hard and fast He could and He spewed his cum inside of my clean butt hole. I wanted to badly cum too and at the blowing of His load I begged “Sir do you want your slave to cum?” He said “Yes” and that instantly caused me to cum just as hard, milking His cock of the cum that was left in Him.

All my body shuddered as my orgasm over took all else. I thanked Him with all my heart while licking His cock and His balls clean as I have been taught to do.

Master pulled my nipple clamps off, and told me to go and prepare my body again for the evening party, another bath and a fix to my makeup. Eyes overly done with shade and mascara, I know He likes, foundation and a very red teasing lipgloss (I am dark haired and fair skinned).

It is late now, I tell you tomorrow how the evening went on.


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  1. Wow, I am looking forward to reading the next installment.