Sunday, 15 August 2010

Easter weekend (part 2)

By seven pm I was ready, having enjoyed a long bath, hair and makeup done, legs thighs and pussy freshly waxed and satin-smooth. I would have preferred to to meet the guests dressed up, but didn’t dare to ask as Master said previously I should stay fully naked the whole weekend. As per His rules I had only stockings and heels on.

I was wearing a new very glamorous and classic garter belt, one of the best pieces of lingerie I’ve worn in a long time, with nylon stockings. I just loved the stockings I wore with the belt. The vintage-style reinforced heel and toe nylon nude fabric was silky smooth, sheer, and made awesome legs! I kept feeling the stockings for the pleasure of it… perhaps rather to avoid thinking.

In fact, apprehending the evening, I felt like having got a lead weight in my stomach. Master perceived it and spoke more than average. “It’s not a punishment, He said, though some pain will do you good and the sight of your fears may add to our pleasure. Not a punishment at all, quite the reverse, a reward. You’ve done fairly well so far, and this evening will make you progressing again. Your direct sexual pleasure is not the purpose, at least at this point in your training, though I authorize you to cum as many times as you want, and I know orgasms will spark off from your submission and the hell and heaven of being humiliated, degraded and made the lowest of the low. I don’t know if you’ll like your partners and I don’t care because it’s not the point, the point is to pleasure them to the best of your abilities and show you are a talented whore. I know you find it difficult, but I also know you will enjoy the whole thing eventually. Your primary focus must be to please and to be found pleasing. When sharing you with strangers and providing you the opportunity to earn your pleasure I am being good to you and understanding. You should be grateful.”

I answered in a whisper “Yes Sir, thank you Sir, your slut will do her best to please you.” After a silence to reflect, I found again I couldn’t freely speak and say the truth, that I understood His pleasures but mine were to submit and accept, be His, not be used by any other guy at random. But I also knew He was perfectly aware. Quitting the voice protocol, I conceded “You own me, I can’t help it. My limits do not have to be respected. I trust You, Sir, I am ready. My only hope in such a challenge is that my relationship to You progresses through time.”

I am sure He was reading in my thoughts as He said smirking “Pain and pleasure must always be mixed, and there is no right or wrong side. Now, be mindful of keeping a lowly bearing in all circumstances and remain silent unless someone speaks to you. You’ll enter the sitting room when I say.” He didn’t elaborate much about who was expected.

The feeling of having no control over my life and only do what I was being told was complete and I stand passively in wait for a long while.

When I heard His voice calling, I entered the sitting room. Three men and Master were seated, casually dressed. One of the men was rather young and very tall and fat, the two other were middle aged and middle everything. I knew none of them. Believe me it is not that easy (when you’re not used to it I suppose) to enter a room and stand fully naked in front of a group of fully dressed strangers watching you intensely. And they were looking at me like I was a piece of meat.

I stand in the middle of the room, docile and submissive as I was told, my arms crossed in my back so my nipples were standing out, my legs apart. This was one of those times where I am happy I am not allowed to speak unless spoken to. Again, as last time, I kind of felt as though I was being sold by Master but this time I relaxed a little because the humiliating situation started faster to make results and was bringing in nasty pleasant feelings.

Standing there, totally exposed, I felt I was wetting…

Master said to His mates “Alexia would be glad to satisfy you any way you wish. She is happy to submit to you because she is my property and for this evening you are the Masters.” And, turning to me: “Something to say, fuck toy?” I responded what He previously taught me to: “I am slut, your slut. Use your slut as you see fit, anywhere, any hole you want to use is there for you. Sir I am slut only to be used.”

The three men jumped up their seats and took their clothes off. Master got also undressed but remained seated in His armchair to watch.

The youngest guest, the tall and fat one, came to me. He cupped my tits and began to squeeze, pinching the nipples between finger and thumb. My breath went shallow. He then put a hand down between my thighs, slowly up to my pussy and I felt the slightest of touches as he went past my pussy, pulling slightly the lips apart.

“A little wet I see.” he said.

I felt my face go flush and my pussy got a bit wetter. I wanted to say something but knew I shouldn’t. Even with the heels I had on I was still shorter than him. I felt him run his hand over each cheek of my ass, then between them pausing to push on my asshole for a brief moment. His hands moved again to my pussy lips, and suddenly he forced his fingers deep inside me, fucking me hard, making me gasp but I didn’t move. He fingered me roughly, his long nails tearing my insides. I wanted to scream in pain but managed to only squeal softly.

“Turn around and bend over slut.” I was moist and he leaned forward down to taste briefly my juices. On the coffee table there was some lube and a large butt plug. I knew this toy well for it was usually used for my anal training. It is triangle shaped, about 6 inches high and approximately 3 x 3 inches at the base of the cone. He told me to spread my ass cheeks. I obeyed and anticipated the entry of the butt plug into my ass. I felt the tip of it working around my asshole stretching it slightly before being pushed in. Ouch. I gasped when he pushed it into my ass spreading my hole wide, then he worked it in and out until the full six inches were in me and the little muscle had closed around the base to hold it in. The initial pain turned then into some form of pleasure.

At that point in time Master was still seated but I saw He was slowly wanking while watching. The two other guys were also rubbing slowly their shafts.

The young fat giant (not knowing his name I called him “Big Fatty” in my mind) caressed my vulva for a second before pushing his fingers deep into my cunt. He searched around until he could feel the butt plug he had just inserted into my ass. He rubbed it from the inside of me for a minute or so. He could feel me getting wetter with each stroke. He then said “Slut, knee down, I want my pleasure in your mouth, suck my cock until my cum is running down your throat. Use no hands not even to get to it.” I turned around and dropped to my knees to face without question his cock and balls. With my tongue I slowly licked his balls and pictured how full they were. I took each one into my mouth and gently sucked them. I felt the fullness of each of them in my mouth knowing that in a short time their content would be going down my throat. After releasing them I used the tip of my tongue to feel again all of the skin before working up to the hardening cock in front of my face. I slowly licked up the hard member to just under the tip all the way around. My tongue swirled around the head a few times as it had hardened even further and there was a wetness starting to seep out of it.

As I moved to better take the cock into my mouth I felt the butt plug manifesting its presence inside me. With the tip of my tongue I licked the wetness that was coming out of the slit then swirled the tongue around the top of the hard cock. With my lips closed I pressed the head of the cock to them kissing it tenderly, then parting my lips and pushing my tongue out I slowly took the head into my waiting mouth. I heard Big Fatty moan lowly as I worked slowly down the hard shaft and moved up until only the head remained in my mouth. I carried on, each time going up and down I took more of it into my mouth. Soon the head was hitting the back of my throat and I could feel it wanting to go farther down. When it was down my throat I was feeling hair on my nose and his beer belly, a real sumo stomach, leaning on my forehead. I knew Big Fatty liked my face pressed into his skin and I was ready to do it all on my own without hands, though he was helping with his hands holding my head and pressing my face into his body, with his cock buried in my throat.

While I was engulfing his full length I was swallowing causing my throat to massage the head. I could feel it growing slightly. As I was slowly coming up I heard him groan then felt the hotness of his cum empty into my mouth and throat. “Swallow my cream, have it all,” Big Fatty said hoarsely. I kept him in my mouth, swallowing his entire sticky load, making sure to get every drop.

When it was all over, I carefully licked his cock clean and said respectfully “Thank you Sir.”

The two other men took me to the sofa.


(To be followed...)

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