Thursday, 26 August 2010

Easter Weekend Training (Part 3), The End

Big Fatty obviously satisfied but tired went to sit and watch what happens next.

The two other men must have been seriously turned on by the blowjob live show because they were displaying a major boner, their rods were huge and pulsating, letting me know that these guy would now stick their erected cocks in anything with a hole and I was there enslaved for that purpose.

They were middle-aged, looking more aged than middle I would say. One of them was bald-headed with his body hairy as a monkey, the other one was older, not really disgusting but more simply unattractive, showing the prominent belly of a man in his mid-fifties. Both were sweating and their perspiration was now a well-marked scent. Their nudity was crudely revealing their flabby appearance, and nothing was appealing in these despicable strangers but the unusual size of their rods.

Master was watching silently, I noticed a light smirk on his face. I had and still not have any idea of where and how he hired these men.

All sort of objects were lying on the coffee table. The older obese Rhino took a pair of nipple clamps with a chain in between and a hitched brass weight, attached the nipple clamps onto my breasts, and pulled me toward the sofa. It was pulling suddenly hard at my nipples and I thought “Ouch!”, of course without uttering any cry as I know there would be repercussions should I make unsolicited noises.

‘Monkey’ (the other man) took the lead, guided me to the sofa and made me bend over the back. Knowing how to behave I spread my legs open, offering myself for inspection, as the chain and the weight stretched my tits downwards the other side of the back of the sofa. I know they were staring my bare plugged ass and wet pussy framed by my stockings and garter belt, then I felt their hands on my arse, caressing my butt cheeks, moving the buttplug, feeling my pussy, pinching my clitoris, fingering my cunt. I was thinking “Here I am, not a girl but a sex toy for their emotionless sexual needs, a slave to molest. I don’t know these men, they don’t care a damn who I am, for I am simply a piece of meat with functional holes which they will use for their pleasure and relief. No, not only that: I am also supposed to enjoy their gang rape and thank them for their brutal use of my body.” Yet while having those thoughts I realized I was dripping wet. Not from physical pleasure from hands and fingers viciously searching my privates while my nipples were really painful and my inside stretched by the sizeable buttplug, but from my feeling of being downgraded to nothing more than an object, and by observing that I had turned in fact to a wet bitch in heat waiting for more humiliation. Thanks to the circumstances and to these careless primitive men, it was just dripping out of my pussy.

From where and how I was I could see Master. Again He was smirking and my pleasure to guess His pleasure took me close to cumming. I hold back though as I was not sure permission was granted.

The older guy told Monkey to go round the sofa, as he would fuck me first while my mouth could make Monkey’s cock wait on pleasantly.

I was completely aroused and my cunt was already convulsing. Not allowed to speak, I thought “Please fuck me Sir, do fuck me deep”. My wish was indeed to be granted. Within seconds ‘Older’ (the Rhino) was tapping the head of his cock against my butt cheeks, then he took one of my legs up to open my rump wider and I felt him pulling out the butt plug then right away I felt the head of his cock at my asshole. In one stroke he pushed his cock all the way in. I gasped as it finished its entrance into my stretched ass, I thought “OMG He is going to fuck my butthole hard.”

I just had the time to utter “Thank you Sir” before Monkey in front of the sofa pushed his rod into my mouth all the way down my throat.

‘Older’ dropped my leg, grabbed my hips and started ramming into my ass as hard as he could. He pounded my hole fast and harshly. Despite Master’s training, I wasn’t sure I could take a pounding like that in the ass but unexpectedly in only a few minutes I wanted to cum. In ‘normal’ times Master makes me cum when He fucks my backdoor, only because He is the Master and my orgasm is stemming from His use of His property, and because He wants me to be a good anal slut. Before Master reign, I had never cum but once while someone else was fucking my ass and I wanted to every time now.

I realized I wanted to orgasm long before ‘Older’ even got to the point of wanting to cum. I made two mistakes. First, busy with what was happening to me, Monkey considered I was not sucking his cock up to his expectations (though one may have asked if I was sucking him or if it was him fucking my mouth as he was holding my head and hair with both hands shaking it backward and forward like a puppet’s). He slapped brutally my face while I heard him saying “Work my boner on properly, lazy whore slut.”

The second mistake was related, as I begged ‘Older’ and Master at the same time to let me cum. Both said NO! with one voice. I wanted to cum so badly I would have done anything to get that permission. I was cooled down by Master’s voice adding “Slut, you cum when I tell you to cum and not a second before do you understand? You will be punished for your misbehaviour.” I grunted an obedient response as I was not much for talking at the moment, having pulled myself together and started again docilely the best blowjob I could produce on Monkey’s cock.

In my back, ‘Older’ was still pumping hard and deep using my dilated asshole as a cunt, then I heard: “You are just a slut loose whore who wants anything filled with cock, now take my cum up your slut whore ass.” He cummed hard, I felt it spray inside of me, thinking of his hot thick sticky gooey milky man juice flowing through deep into my ass. “Look at that cum dumpster, thank me for creaming your asscunt, whore, and now you may cum for me.” My body quaked at the command. I was immediately consumed with lust and letting out a low, soft moan, I thanked him while experiencing the longest orgasm of the day so far. However complex and hard to admit, I get pleasure out of submission, humiliation and being tortured.

‘Older’ grabbed my hair and pulled on to drive me down on my knees facing his messy cock. “Clean your mess, slut.” I did it over with my lips and my tongue, hands on my arse as I have been taught. When the member was shining clean, he said “You are doing good, slut. Next, now!”

Monkey ordered me to come over to the other side of the sofa to take his tour. His pulsing large rod was a clear message.

He pushed me into the seat of the sofa, my ass sitting on the edge, lying on my back. He then ordered me to spread my legs as wide as I could and to finger my moist pussy. “Have you noticed the size of my cock, slut? I know the sight of it is making you jump for joy, yet I need a very juicy well lubricated gaping vagina to fuck comfortably off.” I responded “I am very fortunate you care to use me for your pleasure Sir. I am so happy to serve you Sir, I’ll try to be equal to my duty and I can assure you my vagina is slippery wet and ready now!”

He climbed on the sofa and sat on my face. “Lick my ass clean, slut!” Gagged by his fatty and hairy ass, I could barely breathe but I managed to slide my tongue into his anus as deep as I could and move it around. He grunted like a pig. While licking his asshole as I endured the offending taste and the similarly offending odour of his ass, I realised I was again deeply aroused and consumed with a lust new to me.

Monkey disengaged from his posture, and came back in front of me. My legs were spread open, and he started playing with my pussy. He then slammed my sore nipples, making the clamps more painful, and after long minutes of that game he released my tits from the tool. “You like that don’t you fucking cunt?” I whispered “Thank you Sir!”

He bent over between my spread legs and put three fingers inside me, then forced four fingers deep inside, fucking me hard with his hand. “Move, loose fucking whore”, he shouted. I started rocking the best I could on his hand, then he took it off and started eating and sucking my pussy lips in his mouth.

Getting back on his feet, Monkey touched my pussy with the head of his cock, then positioned the awesome member at my pussy lips and thrust in as hard as he could into my cunt. I felt a sharp pain and groaned softly, then cried silently. The sight of his short and large hairy chest made me feel I was fucked by a gorilla. He laughed out, excited by my tears, driving his cock deeper and deeper, stuffing me full, pounding deep inside me, fucking me with all his might until cumming deep inside, sending his spunk into me. I didn’t orgasm a second time and I was really happy when he splooged into my vagina, putting an end to this severe test.

When he was done and I had cleaned up his cock as I did his friend’s, I walked up to Master, knelt down respectfully, and asked “Did your slave please you Sir?”

“You are doing good slut,” He said.

He sent me back to Monkey. I prostrated myself before him, kissed his feet and said “I am nothing but a cock worshiping slut that needs be used all the time. Thank you Sir.” They all smirked.

I knew the evening session aroused Master, tremendously. He seemed happy of the results of my training. He said however I had still to keep training and I has still to progress in order to hold my leash close and tight enough. As an aside, He added my two mistakes will translate later in a strong punishment. I am not sure I deserve it but I know it will please Master. So it will be as it ought to be.

All that took place in April 2010...


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