Sunday, 8 August 2010

Slave auction

The first six weeks, my submission and the way I was behaving with Master was uninhibited but spontaneous, arising from natural impulse and inclination. When March arrived, I was told I needed a proper training, not that much to please Him sexually as He admitted I was as good as required (He even asked me once if I was escort in my previous life!), but because I was lacking some of the style and demeanour an owned girl must have. As we both are working, and we were not living at the same place at the time, the weekends were fully devoted to that training. I was happy and eager to learn, happy to please Him, and also a little nervous because if He was so kindly protective and good to me, He warned me that punishments help to learn fast and to remember, and He acted accordingly. I am a bit lazy, slightly scatterbrained (I forget easily) but I fear pain even if I must admit I can find some sort of pleasure when I’m being beaten by the one I love. I thus learnt fast that the first two were driving me into the last. My eagerness to satisfy Him added to the threat of the cane did wonders, and Master admitted I was the better slave He ever had the opportunity to educate.

As an aside, Master is older than me and it is clear He had several women in His life before me. I didn’t ask and He never told me much, but now with the benefit of hindsight I can tell He is an exceptional Dom and I dearly want He keeps me for good. A huge draw on my effort to be and remain His 'dream sub'.

I’ll come back later on some parts of that harsh training. It is now fully integrated in my mind that the life of a slave is degrading and humiliating by nature. At least it is Master’s viewpoint and I have little experience. Submission is not only to obey the rules, it is to have no choice to do what you want - as well as what you do not want to do. I think I read that somewhere, or rather I was told so.

The main example I can give to evidence my total submission and my docility is the way I surrendered to His fantasy to share me. There are things he forces me to do that I would never do on my own. Also, paradoxically, I crave what I fear. And love him more because he demands it of me.

Several times He alluded “a whore must be public and not serve only one man” or “I’ll be pleased when you’ll service my friends and I want they praise your skills.” I never reacted much to His remarks because I knew it would come one day. I would respond “I’ll do whatever pleases You, Sir” and He would smirk.

A few weeks later, as He asked me if I was ready, I spontaneously abided by the voice protocol and replied “Yes Sir, Your slave will always obey and please her Master as He desires. I am Your property.” I was nervous at the same time. I had never done anything like this before and it scared the hell out of me, although at the same time it made me wet. Master watched the fear in my eyes, and my desperate desire to please him.

When He picked me up the next weekend to take me to a little party where I was to be a model and a free whore, I was more nervous that I had ever been. I was about to get fucked by complete strangers. But I wanted to prove that I would do anything and everything, whenever He asked. His presence and His pleasure were making everything worthwhile.

The party was gathering about ten people on the theme of stockings and legs. The basic idea was that I would stand on stage modelling my legs and thighs for the guests along with two other girls I never met before. If a guest likes your style then he (or she) could reserve you for 10 or 20 minutes or more to do whatever they like with you. Master was very precise on how I had to dress: no panties, no bra, just my very short red skirt with a nude lace top in transparent fabric that made impossible not to see my instantly discernible nipples, black sheer stockings and garter belt, high heeled open shoes. Normally I don’t wear that summer skirt with stockings, it is too short and one can see the tops of the stockings. Wanted to put a coat on, He said no.

When out of the car I walked in the street dressed as a prostitute to the apparent pleasure of some passerby. It was difficult to be catcalled in the street and I was still very nervous about the whole thing. When we entered the house, I recognized one or two faces of Master’s friends I had met previously, but the majority were strangers. ‘On the stage’ with background music the two other girls and myself did our best wiggling to get our audience aroused, makings movements to simulates sexuality... My dress kept riding up my thighs showing off my ass and my naked pussy. Needless to say that was widely expected.

Soon a man asked for me and took me in a second sitting room where one other girl was already very busy with the cock of the attendee I knew. The stranger made me sit on a sofa on my naked butt and spread my legs wide open. Master came aside and as I was shivering He told me to be docile. I kind of felt as though I was being sold by Him and at first it did hurt my feelings, it was a bit like a slave auction. But I realised He was highly excited and also proud to have people wanting me. His clearly visible pleasure of sharing me with that stranger was a combination of His perverted sexual desire and His thrill to humiliate me. He watched, smirking, the man spreading my legs wide and fingering my pussy. I felt my cunt was beginning to moisten. The man then took his cock out of his pants and mouthfucked me in a hard way, holding my head and pushing it down, making me almost gag. He had a huge cock and deepthroating him was difficult and almost painful. When he pulled out I said what I knew I had to: “Thank you Sir,” with tears in my eyes but pussy wet, and they both smiled with satisfaction. Then the stranger pulled me to the wall where I bent over and spread my legs, my hands bracing myself against the wall. He penetrated savagely my cunt which was ready for that, and pumped hard and deep. I wouldn’t have thought that before but by surprise lust invaded me, more for being degraded than thanks to what his boner was doing to me. The sensation of his shaft rubbing in and out of my already sensitive hole caused me to whimper and to moan, but also to beg for more. All I cared about was pleading for this stranger to fuck me harder and deeper, to continue to fuck me until he had his fill. Growling, puffing, grunting, the stranger cummed in my vagina and took His sticky cock out ordering me not to move. I heard him in my back thanking Master, as his splooge was oozing from my creamy pussy.

On the way back home, Master told me He was happy. Down to earth, He warned not to spoil the car seat and handed me a box of Kleenex, as I had not been permitted to clean myself in the house after the service and I had no panties on.


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