Wednesday, 4 August 2010


A wink, for fun

Since January, I’m wearing stockings every day and night, except for a few occasions when it was so hot and Master allowed bare legs. Before, I used to wear them occasionally, mainly when I had a date as I know men in general love stockings. Why? Tights make legs beautiful as well... Maybe you have your own idea and I welcome all assumptions (please use the “comment” area). My theory is that men know stockings don’t cover the upper portion of the thighs and as a result the crotch area is only protected by the panties (if panties at all) and panties are easy to pull down or simply aside. If you are used to stockings, you know that life is easier (particularly in the ladies room) when you put your panties over the straps of your garterbelt... Canny boys also know that trick and perhaps it adds to the appeal of stockings.

With Master not only placing stockings and garterbelts on top of my dressing protocol, but commanding I always wear them for sex or punishments, I have become an expert. Master wants vintage style stockings made on the original machines, where the stocking is knitted flat and sewn together in the back. These stockings are usually knitted of 15 denier, although some of the original vintage styles came on heavier 20 or 30 denier called “service weight” for everyday use. Authentic stockings always have a top welt made by doubling over the top fabric and sewing it back unto itself. A “finishing hole” is always left in the seam in the middle of the top welt, which enable the stocking to fit better on the thigh. This detail not only allows the top welt to stretch for a more comfortable fit on the thigh, but is the unmistakable mark of the true full-fashioned stocking.

Stretch stockings usually require only a four-strap garterbelt to keep it in place. It is important to adjust the shape and size to keep the stockings from sagging. Stiletto heels are of course essential, and you spend the hell of a time to check that the back seam is keeping straight. I was proficient, but in six month time, thanks to Master, I have become a pundit.

When Master commands me to get undressed, it always means I keep my stockings on. And during my everyday life, I can’t believe how the guys keep peeking under my skirt.



  1. Believe, stockings and a short hem line are a powerful combination

  2. Bellissimo stupendo Meraviglioso