Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I am now addicted to being shared

As you know, Master wants me to document my life as His depraved, submissive whore. I am his property, I don't decide. In addition to exposing and humiliating me, He highly appreciates the way I confess to my blog what I would not always tell Him directly. I have explained in my last posting why He shares me, and how I fear it and feel so nervous and ashamed and humiliated and helpless and and and... when the time comes. I’ve never told Him but He knows it all, and forcing me while watching the fear in my eyes is a sweet pleasure for Him. What amaze me is that I’ve grown accustomed to it and I must admit I need it now. So many emotions flow through me when I am whoring but above all I am turned on against my will and I find overwhelming pleasure in being used as a public slut, a tramp, a sex slave, a receptacle for Master and the rest of the town to put their ejected semen in. Yes, Master called me once a “cum dumpster” and I’m afraid He is right, I am now addicted to being abused and ejaculated in by any stranger, or several ganging up on me. You may find it weird but it also strengthens my undeniable love for the man that owns me.

I have written about the other reason why Master uses me as a slave whore to be used freely by others: it arouses Him tremendously, and He needs frequently to be sexually stimulated that way. There is a third one, which I give tonight though I know it will certainly bring a painful punishment when He reads it: Master is, let’s say, a man, He can cum several times in a whole day but He cannot repeat it several times during one evening. Watching men using me and doing me in every hole is a kind of proxy, I suspect. The reason why He sometimes takes me after the others and fucks me hard when I am full of cum remains to be explained however.

Master doesn’t need to threaten me anymore with a punishment if the guests are not pleasured well, I know what my duty is and I am eager to perform and please. I am trained now, and I want Master to be proud of His property.

As the door to the outer hall opens, I go to my knees at once.

That evening, two men came in, one a very rigorous Dom who has used me several times and who has a very engaging attitude, the other... In one quick glimpse before I lowered my eyes in obedience I saw that he was very tall, very powerfully built, and very black. What was arousing was the air of command he brought with him, a man who is used to slaves and enjoys them.

He ordered me to rise and display myself for inspection. I stand immediately, feet spread to shoulder width, my hands locked behind my head, chin up, eyes down. Then he proceeded to run his hands all over my naked body, as though I were a promising filly he was thinking of buying...which I guess was just about right in a way. He stroked my thighs and ass, weighed each breast in his hand, parted my pussy lips and inserted a finger in me to judge the depth and tightness of my cunt.

He snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor, and I went to my knees in front of him. He unzipped his pants and let my eager fingers bring his cock out. It was magnificent, like a thick bar of very tasty chocolate. He was so tall that I had to stretch to reach my mouth to it, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me higher. I started licking his cock, flicking my tongue along its length, one arm around his legs to support myself. He stiffened under my tongue and lips, and I opened wide to take him all in. He put a hand around the back of my neck and pushed my head onto his huge log, filling my mouth, pressing my tongue down. I've been taught how to do this, and I didn't gag as he began to slide down my throat.

Moving his hips forward, he pushed my face closer to him at the same time, his balls right against my nose; he smelt clean and warm and very male, and I gave up all control to him as he fucked my face with long, smooth, steady strokes. But he did not cum, and I looked up at him anxiously: was I not pleasing him?

He laughed and pulled out of my mouth. "Don't worry, pretty slut, you did just fine. But I want to cum in that hot little body." Again he snapped his fingers and pointed to the bed this time, and I instantly assumed the position for use: on my back, legs spread wide, arms above my head. He studied me for a moment or two. "Very nice," he said finally, massaging his cock, still exposed and rock-hard.

Kicking off his shoes, he kneeled on the bed between my legs. He was so big and tall I had to open my legs wider for him than I usually have to, but he tapped my thigh and I obediently bent my knees and raised my legs, feet flat on the bed, and he settled into the saddle to begin the ride.

He was in no hurry, obviously he'd used slaves out before: he gently pushed my knees wider, grasped my ankles and slid my feet further up toward my hips. Again he ran his hands over my breasts and belly and smooth bare mound. I uttered a little moaning gasp as he began to move his fingers on and around my slit, then slipped one fingertip under my clit hood and pressed my little button, circling it, as it swelled. I raised my hips to him instinctively, a submissive and enslaved female offering herself to a dominant mastering male, and he smiled approvingly.

He began to massage my clit and inner pussy lips, pressing harder with three fingers, slipping them into my cunt, which by now was soaking wet. I arched at the feeling of his fingers inside me, then he withdrew one and pushed it into my ass.

"Yes, you're a hot little whore..." He pulled off his sweater to bare his chest, then he slipped off his pants. God, he was beautiful: well-muscled chest, flat belly, and that magnificent thick cock even bigger and stiffer and harder than it was. I shivered at the thought that such a superb tool was soon going to be drilling me; he asked Master for a gag, and fastened it over my mouth, which always makes me feel helpless and deliciously controlled, and then he flipped me over onto my belly and reached for the flogger that Master handed him.

At the first stroke I almost came right there. I've now been well conditioned to the lash, and I respond now to being whipped far more than I ever did before. He jerked my head around by my long hair, to see each lash bite into my ass and the curve of my back and the soft back of my thighs, and my pale skin first went white then turned fiery red. He was an expert: in a very few strokes he got me tingling, in a hot, spreading glow.

In my hazy warmth, I felt his cock head pushing at my ass entrance. He was going to take me there first, he had decided, and I felt his cock sliding in, an inch at a time. He exclaimed, pleased, at my tightness. Again he pulled my head around to look: it was a fine sight, his massive dick standing up black and proud out of me, where it was impaling my round white ass.

He drove all the way in, slowly, his thighs pressing against my butt cheeks, pushing his cock into me, and his hands coming around to the front to cup my mound, holding me still for him. A couple of fingers teased the line of my dripping slit, then they slipped inside. I could feel them moving in me, pressing against his cock in my ass, his thumb on my clit, and I pushed backwards against him, to get him even deeper, arching my back to give him better access to me. He did not take long to come, unloading into my insides and pulling out.

The other man took his turn. Throwing me on my back, he shoved into my pussy without delay. He remained kneeling upright, pulling my hips up to him. I have been used in that position often before, and I very much like it: he slid me smoothly onto his dick, putting me on like a sock, and we could both see him entering me, which was an incredible turn-on. Once he was snugly fitted inside, filling my cunt completely, he took a tighter hold of my hips and began slow thrusting; both of us watched his cock disappearing in me, then pulling out again, shiny with my wetness. At each driving thrust of his hips, I moaned a little behind the gag: I loved the way his shaft looked as it slid in and out of my swelling pink pussy lips, the way those lips looked as they were spread apart by his thickness.

He was deep into me, stretching me, then he lay forward to put all his weight on me and pulled me close to him against his chest, clasping his strong arms under me, pinning my own arms against my sides. My legs were open as wide as they can get; once a woman is impaled like this, stuffed deep, there's no way for her to escape being used well and hard. Not that I wanted to escape, of course. He shifted forward a little, so that he was riding high on me, his pubic bone and the base of his cock hitting hard against my clit. This is the way I love to be fucked, more than any other: helpless under a man's weight and strength, his cock buried in me right up to his balls. In full slave response now, my hips were rising and falling to meet his motion, locked close by his strength and the depth to which he was penetrating me. Our bellies slapped together, then they fused as close as they can get as we rocked in rhythmic motion. He was talking in my ear, his tongue rimming it and flicking into my ear hole, filling it and blocking the sound, then biting my lobe. "You're a fine piece of fuckmeat, you must know that.” He thrust sharply, heaving so hard my whole body moved up on the bed, and I moaned. I couldn't speak because of the leather gag and strap that pressed my lips together and kept my jaw shut, but I moaned, and he plunged deeper into me than before. We were rocking in unison, and I felt myself cumming. Screaming behind the gag, my body went rigid as my cunt exploded, and he drove into me one final enormous thrust and cummed hard, flooding my belly with hot juice.

He lied relaxed on top of me, while my still-throbbing cunt began to quiet down, then he pulled out of me and stand up. "That was quite a ride, little slut," he said, smiling, and kissed me on the navel. I shivered at the touch, and he laughed. He unstrapped the gag. "Thank you, Sir," I whispered.

They left, and I was lying spent and exhausted on the bed, one hand idly stroking my hammered pussy. Master came close to me and said, smirking: "Now Slut, I have plans for you!" The night wasn’t over.



  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing your experiences. It's refreshing to read that you embrace your sexuality and do not flinch from challenges. Your master is a very lucky man.

    I look forward to reading your older posts. You're a great role model for other subs. Thanks!

  2. Thank you darling, so happy you enjoy my blog. I'm following yours :)
    I hope Master feels good with me as I do what I can for that!