Friday, 8 October 2010

Items for bdsm

My view of Master’s Shopping List. Bondage and pain coupled nicely hand in hand.

I’m sure He has everything in store, but I’ve not (yet?) experienced all.

First, I’ll list what I know for they have been used for my training or are so familiar to me as part of my everyday routine:

  • Collar, of course (I’ve been collared last March. To be accurate, it’s not 24/7 as I don’t wear it at work for instance neither outside in ‘normal’ weekday’s situations).
  • Butt plugs (different sizes and shapes), was difficult at the beginning particularly the largest ones but since I’ve grown to learn and I love them so much! Master did so well on my ass with His cock and His whole set of plugs that I enjoy the sensation of anal sex just as much or sometimes more than vaginal penetration. He is proud of this fact and often tells His friends, male or female, in front of me of course: “This is a slut who loves it up her ass! She's a total anal whore." I stand eyes down, happy to be His pride in public no matter how much it embarrasses me.
  • Buckle up leather wrist and ankle cuffs with chrome plated snap links to couple them together. Various types of spreader bars. Yummy stuff, leaving me helpless, open, vulnerable, humiliated, treated like an object and exposed for sex or punishment and more often both. Also, naked but heels stockings and garter belt, on my knees, I am in heaven when Master cuffs my wrist in my back and orders me to worship His cock. In clear that means He expects the serious and professional whorish bj His slave owes Him. When you cannot use your hands, your whole body must act and help sucking and not only your head. Master loves that!
  • Table for tying: when that one is used, I know pain will come before pleasure. But now after nine months of harsh training, I crave for both even if I still fear crops and canes.
  • Nipple clamps (various types, some spring loaded to shut tightly) and connecting chain, and various weights to clip to the chain or ring. Ouch! Why must Doms torture my poor tits and nipples? Master indulges in it, the more because I fear it, and all His kinky friends have obviously the same devious taste for breast torture.
  • Pussy clamps, chains and various weights. Not pleasant though humiliating and thereby exciting, sometimes part of the Masters’ fun including my Owner’s.
  • Gags. In a way I am happy to be gagged.
  • Leather whips, different sort of spanking paddles (one embossed with "slut" in reverse so it leaves an impression on my butt), riding crops, floggers, and, the worse, canes with a bamboo cane which delivers quite a sting. Routine. Please see “table for tying” above. I more particularly worship the crop He bought last summer in Oman, a beautiful souvenir for me!
Not used (yet!):
  • Blindfold, Black leather Y strap, 3 Way Hogtie Clip and all sorts of Leather Bondage Straps. I’ve never been blindfolded, and Master’s bondage kit is limited to what I wrote above (cuffs and occasionally spreadbars).
And, importantly, I have learnt to use the voice protocol to please Master: “Sir, if it pleases You, Your slave would be so happy to be spanked until her ass is bright red and marked. Sir, if it pleases You, will You bind Your slave so that she cannot move at all while You use the buggy whip on her ass and thighs and feet until she screams and cries so hard she can barely breathe.”

If you have any ideas to add, please post a comment, Master would be happy to see where it goes…



  1. This is a great list Alexia. As for my idea how about sexual toys like vibrators or vibrating eggs. Being restrained for hours with a small vibrator in you on the lowest setting possible can drive you nuts. Since it's not enough power to give you an orgasm it's just a constant teasing. Another fun toy is the remote control vibrating egg. The one I have works up to 25 feet. Great for teasing in public. Just don't do it in a quiet place because it can be heard.
    If I think of anything else I'll pass it along.