Friday, 24 December 2010

Training and submission

“Hey Alexia, great to see you blogging again”  “Welcome back!” … So sweet of you! Thanks to mollysdailykiss and to K & J for their kind and interesting comments on my last entry. Do read what they wrote.

Now back to my confession pad. Nice to look, pleasant to fuck: that’s how Master wants my body to be. My face is my face, and up there it’s less a question of exercise than proper make up, creams, skincare, treatments, hair doing etc. It takes up a hell of my time and of my money (or Master’s), but I’ll write about that later on as I don’t think guys will find it very interesting (if you girls are interested and wish to know my tips, let me know…). How to dress is also another story. I have rules and a dress protocol, but I’ll tell you about another day. No, it’s about my body. I must keep everything in good order.

Tasks given by Master: exercise for 20/30 minutes every morning, and sometimes in the evening, in front of Him and following His orders, with nothing else except stockings and garter belt (always! That’s the little add-on He wants for His pleasure). To start with, my body is His property, and He warns me quite seriously that He doesn’t care so much about what I do with what I own (if I own something… That remains to be discussed) but He does care, significantly, about what He owns. And my body is His, so I must take a great care of it. Not of me, my friends, of it.

Weight is carefully watched, 110 is the limit over which diet is mandatory. Then, exercise, forms of exercise that increases flexibility, muscle definition, endurance, and mental clarity. It is gym, but also slave training. For that Master mixes the physical movements, for example Marines-style push-ups (the body must me straight when up, punishment being my ass whipped with His much talked-about horse crop), or on my back with my legs lifted and butt in the air, or – I hate it! – I stand with my back against a wall, legs together, I move my feet about 14 to 18 inches away from the wall then slide my back down the wall as if I was sitting down in an invisible chair. My thighs must be parallel to the floor, my knees bent at a 90-degree angle. If not perfect, the crop is on my boobs. Then Master places a towel between my knees, I must squeeze and hold it for as long as He feels like it. At the beginning, my legs started to shake after 30 seconds, now I can hold it much longer. If I am not doing my exercises properly in His opinion, weighted nipple clamps are added to the crop to help me to behave.

All these exercises together with whipping are made to develop my body and my flexibility, and at the same time increase my endurance and my submission. Through discipline and punishment, I learn to behave and do what I am told without debate, and this daily task is an important bit of my training. Indeed it is important for me to be of a healthy and sound mind and body, free as possible of any personal limitations, when pleasing my Master. I also train during these sessions to take to the best of my abilities all the positions my Master taught me so to be prepared to take such positions when required and to display myself in a manner through them that He, and others who may be present, will find most pleasing.

After the limbering up exercises, slave style, the holes training comes. “Now, the cockports,” Master says. In fact my asshole is the main target. My mouth is now perfectly trained to suck any cock any way, and bj training is preferably done during specific sessions, my hands tied in my back, the exercise being more on sucking perfectly without hands, moving wholly chest and shoulders. As for my cunt, the size of my vagina is up to par (so Master says), that is deep and not too tight but enough to squeeze nicely a big cock breaking in. Master cock is girthy, he stretches my walls to the limit but He loves it and on my side I crave for it. So the exercise there is more on how to open my legs wider, move nicely and ‘whorishly’ belly and hips, etc. I believe (or hope) every woman knows very early in her life how to do it, at least it is my experience, so my training is more about improving my sluttish behaviour and what whorish manners can increase the sexual excitement of Master (or another guy) doing me.

No, my hole craving to be trained and which always needs it is my ass.

Master has provided me all sorts of plugs to give me pleasure and prepare my hole for His and other’s use. They must be inserted deeply into my ass any time Master directs it, and that composes the main hole training at the end of my exercise session. It’s ass training, but it is also a sluttish game to please Master.

Master gazing at me, crop in hand, I suck the buttplug to get it very wet, then snatch it out of my mouth and run the end over my clit and slowly drag it over my pussy to separate my lips, next I slide it into my pussy and get it nice and lubed, then slowly drag it out of my pussy and rest it against my bum hole. Slowly I feel the pressure rise as I slide it in. I feel the head go past the first ring then the second and then finally plop snugly into place.

I gently turn it round a few time and half pull it out and slide it back in several times. Next I reach back into the bag and get the next buttplug out. This one is about 4.5” long and 2” at its widest and jet-black. I start by rubbing it over my nipples, rest it between my breast so I can feel the size and next I tease and lick it with the end of my tongue. Master watches me squirming with the existing butt plug sticking out of my ass. When I've had enough I take it in my mouth where I suck and lick it like a starving child. It is dripping with my spit and I rub it over my clit and pussy again to get it even more dripping. Next I grab the first plug and pull it out in one pull. It plops out and Master sees my butthole stay open for a few seconds before clamping shut.

The next plug is really going to stretch me. I place the end against my asshole and feel it open to the size of the last plug easily but then it stops and I have to push it in. I feel it stretch. After about 30 seconds I slide in another inch, and so on. Master watches carefully my anus hugging the plug. His cock is hard, I can see it through His pants. I also see in the mirror how much has still got to get through my tight ass before it will shrink round the thinner bit. The pain is exquisite. I push slowly but constantly and finally when the resistance makes me think it won't go in, it plops in and my ass sucks up the thin bit until it is clamped in. Master is pleased to see my hole stretched round the plug with the outer ring slightly puckered up around. Sometimes, when He feels like it, Master does the job Himself.

I've been playing anally for a while now with my toys, and I have also smaller good plugs that I can wear all day and know its there without being too uncomfortable. I am enjoying wearing it very much, just hate the mess!

The main reward of my ass training is I am now ready at all time for any unsolicited anal fuck.



  1. Wow, that is quite some routine. I have to do 45 sit ups a day and 10 push ups and then wear my plug for a minimum of 30 mins. I am terriby though about the plug, it wont get into my brain and lose track of the hours and then days. I have been punished for that.


  2. Your post makes me want to go put on my plug. I'm so glad you're posting again.