Friday, 4 March 2011

Celebration weekend (1) - Friday night

For the first anniversary of my new status of His Sub / Owned Slut, Master treated me extra special and organised a hip and exciting weekend, weird and cool... It had to be hot, it had to be all about love, and sex, and bdsm, it had to highlight I was “beloved” and cherished and at the same time I was His slave with no other purpose in life than to serve, obey and please Him. Master Sir, so kindly and sweetly, wanted my pleasure to be the thread of that two days, aware that it would be the resultant of bits of romantic gentle sex mixed with bits of humiliation and lewd whoring. He knows all of me, and He is now familiar with the deep pleasure that eventually flows through my body and my whole being when I am sexually assaulted, humiliated and degraded. It is feared and craved at the same time, I can't explain. Pain is just same for me, I don't want it and I love it...

As promised, and as requested by Master, I will tell you all what happened during these three days. These stories will be spread over several blogposts to make the entries shorter.

When I came back from work on Friday evening, a bunch of red roses was waiting for me. Before I could kneel down in the entrance and reach for His cock to kiss it (my ordinary protocol to say “Hello,” I just love it!) He hugged me and started a slow and passionate kiss. So cool and so hot at the same time. You can't imagine how pleasurable the simple act of passionate kissing can be to me. Kissing Master activates my senses and sets me on fire. He knows how to tease me, and fills me to the brim with the desire of wanting Him. The very act of kissing alone can bring me at the edge of an orgasm if done correctly, and Master's kissing is always so perfect...

A fab meal and a creamy cake for dessert were waiting for us (He knows I prefer sweets things to savouries if I must do often without as I have to watch myself), but before to go for dinner He took me to the candle-lit sitting room where a bottle of French champagne was cooling in the ice bucket. While we were drinking and kissing, laughing and just enjoying one another's company, He ordered I get my panties down. I was dressed in my usual office style, I mean how Master wants me everyday at work, with a sexy, light blue curve-defining cami with deep scoop neck and open cup shelf-bra perfect for a lot of cleavage, very short red seamed pencil skirt, and of course fully-fashioned, Cuban heeled nude sheer stockings with backseam and welt top. Master buys them for me, they are so expensive, and I love them, not for that but because they are luxuriously soft and silky to wear, and with stiletto heels my legs look so great. Stockings are my favourite part of lingerie. They give a woman power and sex appeal.

I have thus two reasons to wear stockings, firstly because Master orders it, and secondly to make my legs look gorgeous. In addition to the sexy shimmering look, the fact that you’re wearing them for no other reason than to be sexy… makes them sexy!  Garter belts, sheer panties and stockings tend to frame and lead men’s gaze to the ultimate goal of female private parts. Always more exciting when partially covered and decorated. Look at yourself naked and then wearing lingerie. Which is more enticing? And the attitude required to wear lingerie well is, to most males, irresistible. I knew that too well before being owned by Master, but it is clear than Master is like all the males from that angle. More, perhaps. He has clearly a stocking and garterbelt fetish (I mentioned that before) and He requires that I wear them at all times unless otherwise given permission.

I pulled my panties off as Master asked. I slid them down very easily as I always wear them over the garter belt. That way they can conveniently and quickly be removed, and at the same time it helps nylons to stay in place by drawing the garters tight, particularly when seated. While uncovering my girlie bits under my skirt, I was wondering whether that time, for once, Master would want me fully naked to play and I was ready to remove teasingly my clothing in the most seductive and sexy way...

Nah! I was forgetting once again that I am not His wife or His significant other, but His sub and sex toy if He truly loves me. “No, not now, Slut. First, lift your skirt up to your waist and bend over legs apart. Before pleasure for everybody I must start our celebration weekend by reminding you who you are.” Master picked up the riding crop, said “You'll get twenty, it's a number I like,” to what the good girl I am – forcing a smile - obediently responded “Thank you Sir,” and He slowly started to lash my bare ass and my thighs, harder each time. Holding the back of a chair, I counted out loud as I have been taught, while thanking Master and trying not to cry. I was finding the stings of the crop almost unbearable (He wasn't holding back), my ass was burning red, I was convinced Master was the worst torturer ever, I had tears in my eyes (hoping mascara will not equal a river of black streaks down my cheeks by the end of the predicament), though my clit was engorged, my cunt was dripping, and I was having thrills running through my spine.

When the cropping was over, my butts were burning and my pussy was all wet and I had juices leaking along my thighs. I was burning outside and so hot inside. Master ordered, “Keep your skirt up and sit on the edge of the sofa, legs wide spread.” So I did. “Tell me who you are.” “I am a slut, Sir, your cumslut.” Yes you are slut, but you're also a whore. Friends of mine are coming tomorrow and you'll show all of us what a good whore you can be.” Hot and cold, to testing my submission. I knew He had planned a busy weekend. While talking, Master was bending over my naked crotch and wet pussy framed by my stockings and garter belt. “I'm going to make you cum, slut!”

Yummy! Master now wanted to pleasure me, and He knows so well how to give me the utmost sexual satisfaction. He showed me that Friday night again what an expert He was in using all my delicate and responsive spots, vulva and clitoris with His tongue and mouth, and my G-spot and even my anal opening with His fingers. He started by caressing my legs while working His way towards my inner thighs, and then He touched my outer vaginal lips before making contact with the area just above my clitoris. I was moaning and panting. Using His tongue, He made some sweeping motions on my labia without going straight for the clitoris because He knows this is my highly sensitive area. He played around my cunt using His mouth and tongue, sensitive to my moans and responses as evidenced by His knowledge of which move in particular had an earth-shattering effect. I was jiggling and my orgasm was building up.

Master felt it, he spread out my pussy lips and His tongue took literally a dive into my cunt, while His middle finger was stimulating my G-spot. I was mad. When He zeroed onto my clit, my hips were digging into His face, my gasping became sharper, my moaning higher pitched. Suddenly I screamed, my vagina tightened up and suddenly went lax – I was having one of the longest and strongest mind-blowing orgasm of my life.

This was only the beginning of the party. More to follow.


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