Monday, 1 August 2011

Celebration weekend (3) - How it went on Saturday

I know, my friends, you must think I've been lazy:  I've been off my blog for so long and I've not even completed the continuation of my celebration weekend.  In fact, Master has the greater part of the responsibility if I admit that during the very rare moments I am not used by Him or else, or working (not only in my office, I'm also the house slave and His PA), or shopping,  I have a tendency to loaf around, relax and rest. 

I am writing because it is one of my tasks.  Do I enjoy it?  If I'm used to it now I'm not sure I'm fully pleased to tell the world what slut Master made out of me.  But I know Master likes it and thinks it's good for me.  And as I love nothing more than to please Master, the wheel comes full circle: I love blogging, for Him.

The true story of these recent weeks - or months - of silence is that Master sort of upgraded my training, kept me more occupied, with new tasks, and for a change He was more interested in my service and my progress than to see me with my laptop writing in journal.  As above all my primary focus is to please Master, hoping that He finds me pleasing in all that I do, I tend to focus on His immediate demands...

I loved the hard sex of that blessed weekend, immensely.  

Now I know Master cares for it, I'll be back soon with my story.

Kiss you all